There are many species benchtops can be made from. Some are imported and some are local. We do our best to ensure they are all sustainably sourced. After choosing a species please click here or below to decide on Finishes.


Blackbutt is a commonly grown hardwood that has attractive colouring from cream to pale brown, sometimes with a slight tinge of pink. Its grain is usually straight and texture is medium and even.



The Heartwood is  a golden brown and often with narrow bands of darker colours. Sometimes reddish streaks are also present. The grain usually straight but sometimes wavy, producing a fiddleback figure. Also known as Black Wattle.


Blue Gum

Blue Gum is a well-known timber found on the east coast of Australia. It has a straight grain that is sometimes interlocked. Its distinctive colour varies from soft pinks to dark pinks and red browns.



Jarrah is a unique Australian hardwood renowned for its versatility. Its durability and strength make it an ideal timber for a range of structural and design applications with colours ranging from deep red to blonde.



Rosewood is a hardwood native to South-East Asia. It has straight and highly figured grain and the colour is mostly golden brown but can have a red flame


Recycled Hardwood

A major advantage of using recycled hardwood timbers are the positive environmental effects, including conservation of old growth forests, increased carbon storage and lower greenhouse gas emissions. These recycled timber products can then be re-used to create unique effects in a wide range great looking benchtops.


Spotted Gum

Spotted gum is one of Australia’s premium native hardwoods with a striking appearance and a high degree of natural durability and strength, making it an ideal timber for a variety of applications. Architects and designers throughout the world value spotted gum timbers for their back-sawn grain structure, attractive markings and vibrant colour palette.


Victorian Ash / Tasmanian Oak

This Australian hardwood takes its name from the fact that it grows in the alpine areas of Victoria, Tasmania and New South Wales. It can refer to either Mountain Ash or Alpine Ash and is marketed under the trade names Tasmanian oak or Victorian ash.


American White Oak

American white oak is a hardwood common throughout the eastern United States.  Very similar in appearance and colour to the European oak, American white oak has light-coloured sapwood and a light to dark brown heartwood. White oak is mostly straight grained with a medium to coarse texture, with longer rays and more figure than American red oak. It has large distinctive growth rings, and some medulla rays may be present.


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